Tuesday, January 17, 2012

buh bye wide world of fresno sports

so, a while back i started a blog that was intended to be a fresno-centric view of sports.  i was tired of the crappy sports blog the bee had, and wanted to try my hand at a little sports writing.  i gathered a few friends, and launched the wide world of fresno sports (fresnosports.blogspot.com) and went at it.  we did some good stuff, but mostly it wasn't anything spectacular.

as time went on, i wrote less and less, and my co-writers became essentially non-existent.  as it is, there hasn't been a new post since last august.  what, no sports have happened since then?

so, i'm pulling the plug.  it's dead, so let's bury it.  i know there won't be any tears.

1 comment:

cofuzz said...

RIP. I guess my single annual contribution wasn't enough to keep it afloat.
We can reboot it when Jaelynn starts youth league soccer...