Thursday, December 22, 2011

take my recycling, please

i put out the trash and recycling a bit early today, and saw something different.

i mean, it's very normal for us to see people going through the recycle can, especially around dusk when a lot of the streets have their cans out. i've never seen someone pull up in their car and load most of my can into their trunk. crazy. honestly, i wouldn't have noticed if their radio wasn't so damn loud. it was louder than my tv.


Adam said...

Cars hit up our street all the time. There was one a couple weeks ago with a squeaky belt that was slowly idling up the street, checking cans, and I told Carrie not to take a bag of trash out because those are the kinds of cars that creep up the street in scary movies.

cofuzz said...

Interesting. Our scavengers come on foot in large groups.