Sunday, October 30, 2011

birthday month

getting older is what it is.  in fact, i really don't mind getting older, and don't get weirded out by numbers.  this thursday, i'll be turning 36 (oops, typed 37 first).  i'm going to use this day as a starting point for a couple of things.

the first thing i decided was to try being a vegetarian for a month.  i watched a few short videos recently about the meat industry, and it did bug me a little. one of them challenged people to try to be vegan for a month. i'm not going that far, but i did think that i could try to be a vegetarian.  for me, this is about discipline.  can i eat a little healthier, and a little less conveniently?  honestly, a large portion of my diet now is because i'll have limited time at meals, especially lunch. so, i'll eat a hot dog or two, or grab some fast food.  not so good for me. hey, i'm getting older, and the lbs don't just fall off any more.  now, i'm not totally becoming a vegetarian, as i'll actually be more of a ovo-lacto vegetarian, which means i'll be eating eggs & dairy. frankly, there's no way i'm giving up cheese, and i've yet to enjoy any of the faux cheeses i've tried.

the next thing i want to commit to is painting more.  man, i used to paint most days, and my art was coming along nicely. for whatever reason, i stopped, and really haven't painted much in over a year. i need to force myself to work on paintings every day. i won't say i'm committing to every day, but i do want to at least work on something four out of seven days in each week.

i think these are two pretty good challenges. hopefully, by december 4th i'll have stuck with them, and will be able to reflect back on the experience. i'm also going to try to blog frequently about the experience over the next month.

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