Saturday, October 22, 2011

gone, baby, gone

do you remember this mural?

well, i hope you do, or that you have some photos of it because here's what it looks like now.

maybe this adds some credence to the fresnan's story about rumors of palominos closing.

couple of things to add
- my friend adam actually texted me and let me know about the mural being painted over and i ran with the story.
- the bee has been working on the story since, and has dug up a lot of great info. see here and here. i don't advise you read the comments on the bee version of the story.

i'm interested to see how this continues to unfold, and a little discouraged by the tower district marketing committee.  also, when i begin my mural downtown for creative fresno, i've got a lot better idea of what needs to be spelled out in the contract.


joshua said...

I painted that 6 years ago and I'm pretty sure that it's not okay to just over a mural without an artists consent. I'm going to raise a stink about this.

edluv said...

get it josh! really, i am surprised that they would just paint over it like that. i mean, if palominos is closing, then why not cover that part?

Mintzworks said...

Wait, what?!? I LOVE that effing mural! It's become part and parcel of the Tower.

Oh, this sucks bigtime.

edluv said...

was that a creative fresno funded mural or were you commissioned by someone else?

joshua said...

The palominos, landmark and teasers murals were all commissioned by the district. Somebody just made a big mistake by painting over that mural because it will cost them.

Anonymous said...

Artistic rape. Get them Josh. This sets a BAD precedent.

Heather P said...

Photographer Wilson Lee took a great photo of it for Brooke Aiello and Jay Parks' engagement photos. Website here:

and Facebook version here:

Anonymous said...

unless you own that wall, your probably just going to be a victim of really was beautiful though!!