Saturday, September 24, 2011

bleed into one

over the past few years i've really gotten into watching documentaries.  i currently have a handful in my netflix queue, i have 2 on my dvr right now, and enjoy finding new ones on subjects i've learned about. the internets is good for that.

well, today the internets brought me bleed into one.  it's a documentary about Xian rock.

i will patiently wait for this documentary, since it says coming soon, but doesn't give a release date.  it looks pretty damn interesting, and it has a ton of good bands in it.  seriously.  p.o.d., mxpx, sixpence none the richer, phil keaggy, the prayer chain, zao, living sacrifice, u2, switchfoot, jars of clay, 77's, and the crucified (fresno represent!).  i grew up listening to these bands, among others, and so it will definitely take me back to my youth.  i'm just sad they don't have project 86 or sometime sunday listed, because then my heart would jump out of my body.

now, i can already tell that this documentary is coming at Xian music from a perspective i agree with, so i suppose we could say it's not a documentary in the truest, objective sense, but i'm okay with that.

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