Friday, September 23, 2011

the jacuzzi of comedy 9/25

This is going to be my moving away party.

Its turning out a little bigger than I planned at first.
Which is dope!

The evening will be hosted by:
Nicholas Nocketback
Featuring special musical guest:

Also performing:
Gary Lee (Visalia, Ca)
Brandie Posey (Los Angeles, Ca)

I believe in you, Fresno.


P.S. I'm moving to San Diego and I already miss you.
I'm going to see if I can work more on my stand up material
in some rooms around SD in order to grow more as a comic.
here's some additional info provided by the host, nick nocketback
"This Sunday, 8:30pm, well after thar guilty pleasure-church-is over, bring your devine ass down to Starline for comedy and a late nite-style show that'd make Conan rethink careers. Your host, me."
"It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you...without a bunch of weird shit to think about later. LETS GET IN THE YACUZZI. This Sunday. Hosted by Nicholas Nocketback. Featuring yours truly."
"Starline, Sunday, September 25th, Eight Thirty PM...A smashingly, brilliant good time. Hot liquid magma jokes poured on your face like Bisquick. Nicholas Nocketback hosts The Late Nite Jacuzzi, Starring Boney Beezly as Ashton Kutcher in Patriot Act II, This Time it's Personal." 
"Be the first in your office to say "I was there, and for Christ's sake, was I drunk, laughing, and high from sniffing pills."  Nocketback hosts the Late Nite Jacuzzi, starring Boney Beezly--9/25/2011 (8:30)
"Come witness history: Nocketback hosts the Late Nite Jacuzzi, starring Boney Beezly. Be prepared for a Late Nite Show format, comedy from taint to taint, drink deals and crushed prescription pills. Starline, Sunday, September 25th, Seacrest, Out!"

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