Friday, January 07, 2011

smokin them bones

i'll say right off the bat that this is probably a 5 star place, but i'm going 4 stars because i've only been there once and i want to give it another try to really confirm that 5th star. but, really, this is a five star place in my opinion.

i had heard about a new bbq spot in town and wanted to try it out, and since i had some free time today i thought i'd go find it. and really, you've got to find it. to track down the location i googled 'smokin them bones fresno' and the only worthwhile hit was something on twitter - fortunately someone i know so i knew that the directions were legit - on mckinley east of first. and, that's just where it is, on mckinley, just past the shopping center with popeyes & carl's jr, on the right if you're headed east. there is a small, 8 or so car lot + street parking.

i came in and it was just me and the staff, but by the time i was finished with lunch the place had several customers. the staff had a friendly report with all the customers, and two guys came in and had tracked the chef down from another bbq spot he had been at. the service was very quick and the restaurant was nice and clean.

i surveyed the the menu and of course decided to get ribs. originally i ordered the rib dinner, but switched to the rib sandwich - 2 ribs on bread + 1 side. for my side i ordered the cajun friend rice. the rice was my first surprise. when my order came up it looked lovely, and the rice was very tasty. it had rice, sausage, squash, onion and maybe a few other little things. very good tasting.

the ribs had a light sauce coating but were very good. the meat was super tender and easily came off the bone. honestly, i want to go back and order a whole rack or more. very good.

i noticed that they make (& i think sell) their own sauces - bbq & hot sauce. i hadn't used the hot sauce with my meal, so i put some on my fork just to taste - another nice thing. not too hot, good smokey spice flavor.

overall, great experience, and i'll definitely go back.

open mon-sat 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.
3298 e. mckinley, fresno, 93703


NerdMom said...

Sounds (and looks) so good!!! What is the price point?

edluv said...

well, it varies. they have burgers for as low as 3.50 w/fries, sandwiches @ 7.50 w/1 side, dinners from 8.95 w/2 sides.

if you're on yelp, or check my yelp review (exactly same words, more pics) you can see photos of the full menu + prices.

Jalfu said...

We tried to eat there but they don't accept plastic and it didn't seem like they were going to in the future....too bad.....I know many people like to use the plastic. We opted for the competition that accepted the card down the road.

edluv said...

thanks for the comment. i was wondering if they took plastic. i didn't see signs, and had cash with me that day. good to know.