Sunday, January 02, 2011

new year's vacation

we spent new year's eve and a few other days over in santa barbara, and it was a fun time. but, it's also nice to be home, sleep in your own bed, and get back into the rhythm of life.

but, i also wanted to share a few photos with you from my trip. this first is from nye, were we rang in the new year at a bar called old kings road. this was the door to the ladies' room.

the sinks in the mens' room also were out of order, but i guess we could duece if needed.

the second photo i took because of word choice. it was outside of the restaurant we had breakfast at on the first. is "your" the proper word?

here is a link to a definition of your.

so, i've been trying to rework the sentence so it seems better, at least to me.

the original:
we appreciate your not smoking here.

my first attempt:
we appreciate you not smoking here.

my complete rework:
thank you for not smoking here.

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