Friday, January 14, 2011

"productive" friday

these are the things i accomplished (cough cough) today that make me feel "productive" about a friday:
- finished call of duty: black ops. i didn't realize i was almost done, and sorta feel that the storyline ends very weird. and unexpectedly.
- went to lowes to make sure they had door in stock. tomorrow, i'm getting a new front door & have a friend w/a truck going with me. didn't want to have him drive to the store to find out it wasn't in stock, so today i went over there to check.
- activated costco membership - yep, i'm a member again, this time thanks to a friend's family business that put me on their account. i also looked around, had a few samples, and ate a slice of pizza.
- bought coffee @ cafe corazon. still the best around, and every week i enjoy a walk over to buy a freshly roasted pound.
- researched scaffolding & ladders - as i move forward in my mural project, i'm going to need a tall ladder, and so i wanted to check rental prices from companies in fresno. i think i've found what i'm looking for.

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