Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the rap guide to evolution...needs you?

i saw this over on boing boing and thought i'd share it here, mainly because it's got fresno ties. baba brinkman is a guy who has performed @ the rogue festival, and i caught him one year. he's pretty interesting, and basically what he does is rap. the first year (2?) that he was at the rogue he did rap canterbury tales. the year i saw him it was the rap guide to evolution, and it drew a mild amount of controversy, at least in the comments on the rogue page for it. well, it seems that he has a dvd out now, and here is the trailer for it.

he's trying to raise funds (isn't everyone these days) to do all the post production, so i thought i'd share that need with fresnans who might want to threw him a few bucks.

i also will admit that i probably disagree with him at some points about behavior and biology, but that's not that important here.

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