Friday, June 26, 2009

steak and broccoli lunch

some days when i'm home for lunch i think, "i just don't want another quesadilla or sandwich. i think i'll make something different and better." today was one of those days.

so, as i did things this morning, i decided to thaw out a steak i had in the freezer and to grill it up. i had recently heard adam perry lang on both the adam carolla podcast and the b.s. report talking about bbq so i had some ideas and techniques i wanted to try out. i also had recently been to lowes and bought some grill prep pads that you use after cleaning the grill but before you put the meat on.

after thawing the meat, i rubbed in salt, pepper and a little garlic powder on both sides. i then took the meat to the grill and put it on. in the past, i've stuck to the idea that steaks you don't want to turn a ton of times. in fact, i usually would turn a steak like this once. adam perry lang disagrees, and does it more than i do, and did today. i seared one side of the meat for 30ish seconds, then flipped it to let it cook on the other side. in the mean time, i went back inside and grabbed a few things to put on after the next flip. when i came back, it had been a minute or two and was ready to flip. i turned the meat, and on the up side gave it some more salt and pepper, and a few slices of butter. i let the meat cook a short while, and repeated this process once more on the next flip.

as the meat progressed, i wondered what in my fridge would go well with this and still not be an overly big lunch? i looked and saw a bit of leftover broccoli that we had steamed for dinner two nights ago. i popped it into the microwave and let it heat back up. as that finished i went out and pulled the meat off the grill and onto a plate to rest. i then came back inside and paired the steak with the broccoli florets.

i felt it needed one last thing, and remembered some blue cheese crumbles that we bought for use with salad. admittedly, i am not really a big fan of blue cheese, but often enjoy it on steak. and, this particular cheese has ended up being pretty mild, which is good for me, not so good if you like it sharp. so, i took a handful of blue cheese crumbles and applied it liberally to the steak and broccoli. see here:

wow. this ended up being a really flavorful and enjoyable lunch. the one drawback was that the steak ended up being cooked a little longer than i generally prefer, but that could be remedied by having all my ingredients ready before and not doing minor prep work during the cooking. whatever. it was still good. and now i'm full, but not too full, and ready to get on with the rest of the affairs of my day.

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Lulu said...

Yum, looks good!