Wednesday, June 04, 2008

political winds of change could be a storm

last night, a lot of monumental things happened. it was an election day, and obama, who i admittedly began supporting when edwards dropped out, wrapped up the nomination. in fresno politics, we firmed up two candidates that will be in the november mayoral election. one is a young (about my age) hispanic male, the other is a slightly older than me female. this wouldn't be the first female mayor fresno has had, and i'm not sure if it would be the first hispanic either. but, both of these local candidates represent the next generation of politics in fresno. and, i would say that obama represents the next generation of politics in america.

we also recorded a podcast, which is clearly nowhere near the same level of importance. on it we talked about the local election, and had intended to talk a little national as well, but i skipped it on accident. basically, i wanted to talk about the potential storm that is brewing for obama: will he chose clinton as his running mate?

i thought this could have been interesting talk, as adam supported clinton and i support obama. i don't know if there would have been any sparks, but i do think it could have been a little contentious.

i've been wondering who he might look to for this key position. and i'll admit, i hope it's not her. mainly, i see her as being very similar to the politic that obama represents a change from. now, i know clinton supporters get fired up for her, just like obama supporters do for him, so it's not about passion. to me, she is the establishment. she is a hawk. she is more of the same two families that have run this country for the last two decades.

some have stated that to pick clinton would bring back together a divided party, and that clinton supporters have been polled and have stated that they wouldn't support obama. sadly, i haven't seen a reason why given. i'm not saying it's race, even though it has been an issue. here's an interesting quote from cnn,
"Concern about the division in the party arose because Clinton and Obama appealed to such different segments of the electorate. Clinton did well with working-class voters and the elderly. Obama rallied the support of affluent, well-educated voters, African-Americans and the younger generation. "

i don't buy it that clinton only appealed to working class (whites - my insertion) and the elderly. just like i don't buy it that the younger people that obama appealed to were all young, or well educated, or black. where do working class blacks fit? where do hispanics fit? are the elderly not educated?

this is what i do know: if democrats that supported clinton refuse to vote or vote for mccain, they had better really agree with that decision. because it's not like obama would be a one term president. and frankly, i'm guessing all the energized obama supporters will have this treachery in mind in four years if he were to lose and clinton was running again.

let me throw this out to you: what does Clinton offer? why should obama bring her onto the ticket?

because i don't think it helps him.


Adam said...

It's all punditry; the media looking for something to yap about and stir up shit. I seriously doubt either of them wants it or will do it.

I just put up a post at my place talking about her conceding the race, and someone else's logic as to why should probably shouldn't if she wants any leverage at the convention.

I have no problem with either candidate for the Presidency. It seem though that there is more bad blood between Clinton/Obama supporters than there is when the issues of the candidates are considered. I know I've read several blogs and sites where Obama supporters have treated Clinton and her supporters like shit and vice versa. The people who won't vote for one or another are probably just upset about someone claiming to be from their own party rubbing their noses in it.

Clinton and Obama might as well be dopplegangers, there's no reason why they should run a ticket together. He'll need someone else. And at this point, she's not a hawk anymore than he is.

Adam said...

Regarding hawks, doves, and referring to Clinton as one with the implication that Obama is not or will not be.

"I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon -- everything," [Obama] said to a standing ovation.

Sounds kinda like Clinton, who's withdrawal plan from Iraq is actually more forceful and faster than Obama's.

Anonymous said...

I think Clinton is a ballbuster, a man-eater, defiant, and a sore loser.

She acted like a real 2nd class wusp last night when she didn't even acknoweledge that it was Obama's night and he beat her fair and square.

Instead she spits out all this crap and tries to validate herself and her candidacy, and to take the attention off of Obama and put it on herself.

edluv said...

well, anonymous,
i thought her speech last night was fine, although i was a tad bit surprised she didn't step out. but, i felt her speech did make a statement of thanks for those that have supported her.

maybe that's just me.

timidvenus said...

whats a wusp?

Adam said...

Please do tell me how Clinton and/or her candidacy are invalid. What a hateful thing to say.