Sunday, June 01, 2008

guerilla gardening.

saw a really cool idea over @ l.a., something i think i could get into doing, and something that could really help beautify fresno, if it's done properly.

guerrilla gardening.

"At a time of shrinking city budgets and skeletal landscaping staffs, it's a hint at where guerrilla gardening could go -- to approved brigades of citizen gardeners helping cities turn wasted space into food and flowers."

can you imagine a group of people working together, on their own dime and time, to drop some good drought resistant seeds onto empty medians and lots with some source of water? honestly, i'd love to make a little run down olive dropping some cactus seeds, or maybe some aloe.

sure, it's done without permission. and, it could be done very haphazardly and not aesthetically pleasing. but it's a much more interesting, and perhaps even more artistic than graffiti.

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