Sunday, June 08, 2008

fresno bee's sports buzz continues to fizzle

let's see, fpu's baseball program is three years old. we have now had two players drafted. fpu had their second player drafted this year.

now, there were six bulldogs picked this year, so fpu has a way to go. and, i wouldn't imagine that the fresno bee would actually give it much ink. and realistically, they didn't. it was buried @ the bottom of an article about the bulldogs draft, then a few sacramento state players (from tulare), then high school players drafted, and then the guy playing at a fresno university, under a heading of other area players. hey, bee, he's not just an area player, he plays in fresno and is from the valley.

and, let's look @ their sports "blog," the sports buzz. i've mentioned here before that it sucks. so, i checked to see if perhaps they mentioned it. nope. not too surprising, but i did see a post asking people to name their top fsu sports memories of the year. here's my response:

"what a year for fresno state. great track athletes, top notch tennis and a resurgence in baseball & softball all provided great moments.

however, i'd have to say my favorite moment of the fresno state year is when i challenged the sportsbuzz for barely ever posting about anything other than fresno state football or basketball and the moderator had the gall to say that other posts got far fewer comments than the fresno state ones. which would might have been a good response, except it's not true. look @ all the comments in june alone, and only two of them on frestno state posts.

look @ may and june: most of the comments given are on 3 posts near the end of may. none of which are about fsu. the post about fsu w/the most comments is about a girl leaving the softball program. hmm, more comments on high school baseball honors than on anything fresno state in the past 30+ days. and, there were a whopping 7, yep 7 posts not about fresno state. 15 about fresno state. and the ones about other things continue to get more comments. something to think about.

keep up the good work. i can't wait to see another liveblog of a game that i could probably follow in twenty second increments on espn, presented without any real commentary."

i've blogged about all the international soccer being played right now, seeing deebo @ a track meet, and a grizzlies game. that's right, i've had just under half of the same amount of sports related post as an alleged sports blog. and that doesn't even count goofball things like blogger olympics, even though i did count one of their bloggers recounting of watching the family feud. so, throw that one out and i did blog about non-fsu sports half as much as the sportsbuzz. throw in blogger olympics and i'm at 66%.


timidvenus said...

i know you have other things to do with your time, but why dont you and some other sports lover friends blog about it?

edluv said...

blog about what? the fpu guy getting drafted? i just did.