Sunday, February 19, 2012

do i like miley?

okay, i feel like someone should just punch me repeatedly in the head right now.  why, you ask? well, i was catching up on my episodes of jimmy kimmel from the week, and on wednesday night miley cyrus was on the show.  and i liked it.

now, she is doing a bob dylan song, which means it is infinitely better written than any of the songs she has done before.
and, she is doing it country style, which means it won't be poppy screeching or auto-tuned nonsense.

honestly, at the start of the show i heard she was doing an album of dylan songs and thought that it would have to be terrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. right now, i'm not so sure.  if the other songs are like this, it could be worth picking up. furthermore, if she were to shift her career in this direction, she could possibly be a respectable artist.

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Adam said...

Ooooooh, don't let Carrie hear you saying anything good about Miley Cyrus. ;-)