Thursday, February 02, 2012

baby hawk 3 on vinyl

vinyl. i loves it. there's something about putting a record on the turntable and letting it spin.  i've talked to several local musicians about trying to get a record done on vinyl, and it seems that cost is what always keeps it from getting done.

lovable fresno favorites rademacher is trying to make it happen.  instead of asking for carwash donations, they're trying to see if their fans will give a little bit so they can press the third installment of the baby hawk ep's onto vinyl & head on down to south by southwest.  so, why not give?

here's malcolm with a better sales pitch/oddly beautiful video

did i mention you can give?

also, check out the things in the sidebar at the link that you can get for donating.  i kinda wish i had a grand so i could decide what a rademacher song would be about.  then again, i'd also be happy if they'd play their song arguments for me.

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