Thursday, February 02, 2012


i was thinking today, i haven't had a fast food burger since the beginning of november, probably the 1st or 2nd.  basically, when i didn't eat meat in november, it killed off my going to fast food.  since then, i just haven't really felt the desire.  i've had some fast food chicken (popeye's), and i've hit robertito's for a california burrito a couple of times, but no burgers. 

well, check that, i did have a double double from in n' out.  but, they're not fast food, right?  well, at least they're good fast food.

this all comes to mind because we received some carl's jr. coupons in the mail.  as i stared at them, i contemplated if any of the burgers were worth the money.  none seemed appealing at all.  i used to really enjoy a western bacon cheeseburger.  now, not even tempting.


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