Sunday, December 04, 2011

30 days without meat

today is december 4th. i have officially gone thirty days without meat (i have had eggs & cheese).  and you know what, it was surprisingly easy.  i didn't have any withdrawl symptoms or strong cravings or any other imagined things.

what did i learn during these thirty days?
  • well, there are meatless options at most places.  some of them are damn good, too.  
  • fast food sucks.  okay, i'm sure most of us already know that, but it really does.  not eating meat helped me avoid fast food for a month.  yes, it's convenient, but it generally is low quality crap that i don't need in my belly.
  • fresh & easy has an amazing vegetarian chili.  this stuff is seriously good, and i think i like it more than any other canned chili.
  • apparently, there is meat in a lot of stuff.  it's cold, so we've been having more soup lately.  when you start looking at labels, you find that a lot of stuff will have bacon thrown in.
  • i want to find a local farm that is doing quality, free range cattle.  if i'm going to eat meat, beef specifically, i'd like to know that it's fed right (grain fed) and not raised in horrible conditions.  this may take some time, and cost more, but i think it's worth it. (a friend gave me a link to page river bottom farm - a sanger farm doing just this)
  • it would be good to get veggies from a csa.  just like the better raised beef, it would be good to support a local farmer, and buy seasonal vegetables.  i hear good things about the farmer's daughter csa.
  • i've been thinking more about cooking, and want to experiment a bit more in the kitchen.  i've found some interesting recipes, and want to get some more cookware and try out new foods.  if i'm eating, it should be an enjoyable experience. sure, there will be quick, easy meals, but i'd rather they be the exception, rather than the rule.
  • i really want to try this.
i wonder what i should try to give up next for thirty days?


miriam said...

What a great exercise in discipline. Needless to say - I'm inspired! I need to just stop living with intention and just do it.

JD said...

Congrats on the meat fast. I definitely agree that it's surprisingly easy if you just make the decision that you're doing it. Also eating out, and fast food in particular, gets really tricky. Chipotle is pretty much our go-to fast food. Oh, and as for the ethically raised beef, look for grass fed, not grain. It's easy to get them confused. Most feedlot cattle is fattened with corn (grain), whereas their natural grazing diet would be field grasses.

Mmmm.... I haven't thought about carpaccio in ages. Well executed it can be mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with JD about the grass fed cattle, You know I particularly scared of corn since watching Food Inc.

Oh and you can count me out on trying the carpaccio but the cats may enjoy it

edluv said...

right, i'm not exactly sure what i was thinking when i put grain fed, rather than grass fed. but, the farm i linked to is grass fed, and they don't even feed their cattle or chicken grains at the end to fatten them up.