Monday, July 04, 2011

treme season finale

season finales are great. really, you get a nice little bit of finish, quite a bit of loose ends for next season, and a whole lot of anticipation for next year.

sunday we got the season finale for treme. not everyone likes this show, and some find it quite unlikeable. myself, i like the show but there are parts that i could do without. but, the beauty of a show like treme, and the writers behind it is that the parts that sometimes are throw away, the threads that i may not care for, help build the wonderful tapestry. and as the tapestry is seen, it gets more wonderful.

this second season has shown a lot more of that tapestry. wonderful music, more of the grit of the city, and the interpersonal working and crossover of threads. great stuff. as i watched the season finale, i got goosebumps about 3/4s of the way in, as ladonna lets loose on the d.a. and the system, venting the rage of the city. her husband, larry, who has stood in opposition of staying in new orleans, and of ladonna owning her bar, sees that fire, sees the woman he's always loved, and decides there is no way they are selling the bar, and that the whole family is moving back. wonderful drama played out, great to see the family struggle, and also a lovely metaphor for the city and it's fight.

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