Friday, July 01, 2011

the might have had babies

the title quote comes from a time where jay mohr was on the jim rome show. he was recounting a time when he almost ran over a crow while driving, while working on a movie with christopher walken. i still fondly remember hearing mohr do a walken impression, and say, "the might have had babies." still makes me laugh.

anyway, it's good that jay mohr didn't hit the crow. or, maybe he should have. a recent study confirms that crows will remember your face. do not anger a crow. it will attack you. it will remember you, perhaps even the rest of its life. it will recruit other crows to attack you. and, those crows will remember you and attack you later, even without the original crow.

that is some evil, crow isht.

now, i've heard of this idea a few years back, but the level of memory and recruiting is a bit new to me. nuts.

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