Tuesday, July 19, 2011

goodbye mrs. puddles

in 1996, we got a cat for heather. she was a little runt of a kitten, and she brought us tons of joy over the years. here's some fun reflections.

over the last few years, we noticed that she was really starting to show her age. we found out she had a few tumors, and knew that it was only a matter of time. today was her last.

we'll miss her dearly. really, there are only a few people in our lives that we've known longer than our cat.


Carrie said...

Rest in peace, Puddles. We all loved you and your crazy antics! What joy you brought to your people.

Condolences, Ed and Heather. She will be missed.

Adam said...

Safe journeys to that feisty little lady. I'll miss her, even though we had a love/hate relationship.

Heather, Ed, much love and condolences for the loss of your kitty cat.