Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sunday night in fresno

it's a little bit away, but sunday has options, options, options.

first off, we have a great little comedy show that happens once a month at the starline.

i've been able to catch at least portions of all of the previous comedy jacuzzi events and it's more than worth the money to get in. boney beezly has been bringing in some hot comics from outside and swirling them with the right mix of local talent.

but, sunday night also brings a fine rock and roll show down to fulton 55. you wouldn't know from this logo, but there are fine bands on the bill.

this show features Useless Keys, Quiet Americans, The Mallard. now, i don't know the useless keys (& i'm a lazier blogger than the fresnan so i won't even bother to find a link) but i hope they're good. i do know the quiet americans, and they are very good. solid poppy rock with happy sounding lyrics and enough fuzz to give you a beard. finally, we've got the mallard on the bill. they come from san francisco (sorta) and everything from "the city" should be loved in fresno. but seriously, greer mcgettrick is in the band. we loved greer and her music when she was here in fresno as a part of rademacher. when we heard she had a new band we wanted to see it, and now they'll finally be here. pure awesome. or, if i want to sound like the kids in super 8, mint.

it's tuesday now. you've got time to figure out what you'll do sunday night, but it better be one of these two things.

UPDATE: new flyer for the show. it seems useless keys are the headliner. maybe i'll have to look them up.

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