Wednesday, June 08, 2011

no, you're not.

eating food doesn't make you a foodie.

saying you paint doesn't make you a painter.

putting up videos from other people doesn't make you a blogger.

i could go on with a few more lines, but i don't really want to this to take a (more) negative tone. life is well. i've got time on my hands right now do to a slightly smaller class load and the end of track. so, with time, i realize that i haven't kept up with some things, like painting. it's giving me a kick in the pants to do the stuff i really enjoy, do the things i really want to be about and not just say i'm about.

in other news, i'm still trying to get a.o. fresno off the ground. seriously, i really didn't think it would be so difficult to find 25 people in the fresno area that liked soccer, especially u.s. soccer that would want to get together and watch matches. this is also helping me realize the limitations of my contacts. but i really do believe that this is a cool, grass roots, supporters organization that does care about soccer. if you watch any of the gold cup games, you'll see american outlaws in a section. they'll be the ones passionately cheering, singing, chanting throughout the whole game. i'm already a member, and would love for you to get involved, too.

on a side note, we went to vegas last weekend. it was a ton of fun. the vegas schedule caught up with me last night. i was falling asleep on the couch at like 9:45, and went to bed @ 10:30. wha?


Conlan said...

I agree:

miriam said...

What ev. You obviously aren't seeing my iPhone photos. I'm the next Annie Leibovitz. Didn't you know this?