Friday, May 27, 2011

fay wrays cd release show

let me ask you a few questions:
1. do you like music? yes, move on to question 2. no, do i know you?

2. will you be in fresno saturday night?

yes, move on to the flyer. no, i'm sorry.

seriously, this is going to be a very good show. the fay wrays always put their best foot forward on stage, and i'm sure this week won't be any different as they drop their new album. along with fay wrays will be fresno darlings and sxsw tested fierce creatures, one of my new local favs achievement house, the sunburns (who rock), grand canopy, and tokyo death march. i don't know much about the last two, but i'm sure their worth it. hell, 2 of the 3 first bands i mentioned are worth the $10 bucks to get in.

i recommend you head down to fulton 55, enjoy your saturday night.

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