Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the jacuzzi comedy showcase

i've really been enjoying the comedy showcases that boney beezly has been putting on. the comedy comes back this sunday night.

"The Jacuzzi presents: Allen Strickland Williams (Los Angeles)
Allen's an old fashioned joke man. His style is dry, deadpan and wicked smart in the tradition of Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedberg. You may have enjoyed his 10 minute set at the Jacuzzi in March.

We've got 3 other comics scooting in from L.A. to display their wares as well as some local beasties you may recognize, along with special musical guest: General Populous performing his unique brand of alternative Hip Hop.

Our first 2 shows were beyond anyone's expectations.
The Jacuzzi audience has been a hip, generous crowd...and the local and touring comedians have all fallen in love with playing the room. This 3rd installment should be our best one yet, the momentum is ridiculous. We've got a good mix of Los Angeles contract killers and up and coming local talent...bringing that funny, relevant style of comedy that isn't the same old obvious bullshit. All for $5.

Thank you all so much for supporting and being a part of this project. Please Please Please bring all your friends...but not the lame ones.

-Boney Beezly

***Here's the line up***

Stephen Mintz
Chris Cruz
Michelle Rowe

Musical Guest: Populous

Dave Ross (Los Angeles)
Megan Koester (Los Angeles)
Eric Dadourian ((Los Angeles)

Allen Strickland Williams (PARTS UNKNOWN)"

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