Thursday, July 28, 2005

what's good on tv

really, this isn't a new thing, but i loves me some reality tv. rockstar inxs, the cut, even the hilton business. i'm watching 'em. i watched brat camp. pretty good. i hate these little jerk kids, and it's nice to see them suffer, and have to learn how to cope. the funny thing is, i recorded the show. yet, i keep finding myself watching the commercials. fast forward dumas! maybe i need to be retrained.

oh, and that show with geena davis that's coming on in the fall looks like a piece of crap.


The Jay said...

1) Anything Geena Davis does is fine with me.
2) I watched the whole 12 hours or whatever wednesday night of Brat pack. I love it. Only bad thing is the dopey names of the guides. "Big Little Bear"? I'd kick his ass on principle. And they all look like idjits in person. You know they get loaded between brat camp expeditions.
3) Loaf and Jug-- I thought it was funny too when I moved here, but after a while you don't think about it. Like Circle K. What's that-- a dude ranch? No, it's a convenience store. Did you see the "Kum-N-Go" in Leadville? It's a classic.

The Jay said...

ah hey, I had to make a blog to be able to talk shite on yours. I'm not going to publitch anything (again, I don't have that much to say to the world), so don't check it-- --I think I'll just put links to my own company (boost the google rating) and maybe a good joke if I hear any.

edluv said...

i know loaf and jug isn't thatn neet, and that it gets old w/time. but, just say it. loaf and jug. loaf and jug. loaf and jug. sounds trashy. sure, what's a 7-11 or circle k? better yet, how about a piggly wiggly?