Wednesday, July 27, 2005

testing, testing, is this thing on?

so, to post on my friend's blog, i had to become a member, which ment i got one. so, i used my presumptious title that i've been sitting on until i scratch out some cash for a real website. so, hopefully, this blog will chronicle the development and rants of me until i make so, yeah.

here are goals i'm establishing for myself on this blog:
1. post at least once a weak, but not multiple times a day.
2. show pics of my art, family, friends
3. complain about tv
4. interact with your comments
5. whatever else i want to do

in the words of the passe Kool Moe Dee,
How ya like me now?


1 comment:

wise said...

yeah, there was a cool show on pbs last night about an albanian-american guy who was buying and sending weapons (sniper rifles and such) for the kosovo liberation army. i enjoyed it because the way i think and the sides i take easily become entrenched in "ruts", and shows like this help me to see outside. and thats all i have to say about that.