Wednesday, July 27, 2005

my wife is crazy

so, we were on a trip to colorado last week...we went to this place called bishop's castle. i won't defame the guy creating it, but this place was wacky! it's got to be about 6 stories high at the top. half the time, i'm climbing about, thinking this is fun. the other half of the time i was afraid i was about to plunge to my death. but, heather, she's fearless. she climbed to the very top. she walked out on bridges that didn't connect on both sides. freakishly daring. i took pictures sitting down so i didn't get freaked out. in the picture that has sun glare, heather is up in inside of this little turrent at the very top. nuts.


Uber Steve said...

Hey, I'm your first commenter.

Good luck with your endeavors. You are wise to set realistic goals for your posting.

edluv said...

but will i stick to these goals, or will i waste my days away, ranting on the internet? probably the latter.