Tuesday, August 09, 2011

fresno distributing

fresno distributing, aka fresno d, has always been a little odd to me. i liked the idea of supporting local businesses, but as a distributor type store i found it a bit off putting as a customer. the show room seems like an afterthought, and if i want to get a new faucet or whatever, i probably would hit up the easy display and multiple options of lowes.

around the fourth of july, we had an issue with our shower. the divertor, which allows the change from bath to shower to happen, wasn't working properly. we also had a long-time leak on our cold water handle, but that was a nagging concern and had their not been a problem with the divertor i would have let it keep dripping. my go - to spot for home repairs is fresno ag, so i headed over there. they had the right parts to fix my problems, and things were reasonably priced. while we were there, we inquired about other handles for our price pfister, 1970's looking set up. unfortunately, for the set up we had there were only a few, equally ugly options.

on our way home, we decided to pop in at fresno d, and see if they had other options. we spoke with one of the parts guys, discussed what we had, and he let us know a few options. eventually, we realized that we could switch out the stems behind the handles, and found these real sweet, sleek brushed nickel handles. we placed an order and started waiting. now, it's a little scary that their paperwork says that orders can take up to three months to come in, but they told us that it should be in three or four weeks. after just about a month, our new handles and parts were in.

today, i drove over to pick up the parts. the original guy we worked in wasn't in (i think he was on lunch break) but that wasn't a big deal because we were just picking up a unit. i got my box, and headed out.

this is where things went wonky. i looked at what i had, and it was only a two handle set up, according to the box. i popped the box open, and while they were the right two handles, we were missing the third. i went back in, and waited to be helped. after a minute or so, i was able to explain my issue to someone, and he began to investigate. he looked up the faucets and what not in their books, and what we wanted (finish wise) didn't come in a three handle. was i going to be stuck with two sweet handles, and one ugly one?

the guy i worked with, whose name i sadly didn't catch, was amazing. essentially, he found all the appropriate pieces from other sets or packages. all of the parts. and, even more cool, they did it for free. i was figuring that i would have to shell out for the additional stuff. i wouldn't have been stoked about that, but i would have had my parts. nope, they said that because there was a miscommunication they were going to give me the parts i needed since i'd already bought the other parts. freaking awesome.

thanks a ton, fresno d. you may not have all the things that lowes, home depot or even fresno ag have, but you do your thing well. and, your customer service is awesome - seriously, i was able to watch several customers treated very well, and the employees go out of their way to figure out people's needs/problems and do their best to help. great work.

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Travis Oberg said...

Right on Ed luv. Glad to hear Fresno summer days haven't melted you guys away. I'll take some time to look but I'd be interested in any new art or writing you've been working on creatively. Frez-yes.