Tuesday, February 22, 2011

rogue 2011

so, the rogue festival is right around the corner. this year will be a different experience for me, as i've shown visual arts pieces for the last several years. (and, i've sold pieces during the last few years.)

after co-coordinating the visual arts venue with adam last year, i realized that i definitely didn't want to do that again, and also i kinda was leaning towards less participation in the rogue. i don't have anything against it, just a little fatigue on my part. so, when application time rolled around, i decided against it. instead, i'm going to just do my part as a supporter. i also may volunteer at the door for a few events.

something i've noticed, or haven't noticed, is rogue promotion. i've seen a little buzz, mostly a few tweets or facebook updates, but i haven't seen the full court press yet for the rogue. either it's not happening, or i'm not connecting with the right spots to see it. either way, that disappoints me because this should be a big year for the rogue. it's the 10th year, and i know they had hopes of doing it better and better this year. i hope there is more promo stuff going on than i realize.

i'm sure there will be good shows this year. i know that some talented past performers like travis sheridan, jaime holt, josh tehee (i think) have stuff in the mix. and, the rhoda penmarks are doing another movie soundtrack. this year is dr. jekyl & mr. hide set to their own original soundtrack. we're trying to book some of the band on the podcast to talk about the show soon. and i'm sure there are many other great acts to be seen.

so, what should we do? i (we?) can sit around and complain that we haven't seen enough rogue promo stuff. and right or wrong, nothing changes. or, we can click on over to the rogue site (link above) and start reading show descriptions, looking @ show times, and plotting our rogue experience.


blake said...

Yes! Josh Tehee's actually in TWO shows. One of 'ems with us: The Trike Shop. The show's called "Big Show or Bust"...a low-budget rock n' roll romp which explores the pains of idealism when confronted by the evils of Conditional Use Permits (or something like that).
The shows'll be at the Starline.

Wanna get in the mood? Come out NEXT THURSDAY...what is that? the 3rd?(arthop night) for the free kick-off party at Full Circle Brewery--starts at 6:3o

The Fresnan said...

Yeah, I've felt the same thing. The buzz I've heard has been mostly directly from performers I'm friends with (Josh, Blake, Jamie Holt, ect) and not many other spots. I know how tough it can be promoting an event so I'm not complaining, probably going to be a full-on promoting next week or something.

BTW, I have a Rogue related post coming out later today. I wrote it last night, otherwise I would have linked to this one.

edluv said...

well, you could always go back and add a link.

The Fresnan said...

I can't until late tonight, but I'll get on it.

marcel said...

I hear ya.

airplanejayne said...

Most of the media coverage, as in years past, will begin next week -- so people get the buzz and excitement just as the festival is ready to start. Performers are lined up for appearances on morning show(s), afternoon show(s), radio show(s). The Fresno Bee and Beehive are getting their links and pieces ready to go. Kings River Life Magazine did a nice spread on Rogue already. Although the Undercurrent and their coverage of all-things-Rogue will be missedm the Community Alliance has been contacted.

FYI -- we have added two mainstages to the festival this year, as well as eight BYOVs, bringing the total to 17 performance locations, with a total of 76 performers/groups partaking in Rogue.

As usual, the Rogue is always looking for people with interest, energy and stamina to come on board.

Looking forward to seeing you in an audience or two.