Tuesday, September 07, 2010

me on film

i managed to get on the news last night, which is always nice. i'm part of a fantasy football league, and we were having our draft at a local restaurant (me n ed's victory grill). this is actually the third year we've had the league, and the draft there.

let me break down the video for you:
20 seconds in - the show me on camera, and say my name. yep, that's me crossing off picks in the first round.
28 seconds in - the interview. brief, only a fraction of what i said. that's how tv news rolls (at least they used some of me. mike oz, who set up the league didn't even get on at all).
60 seconds in - the pan across our draft, you get to see my back.

and there you go. now, go back and watch my interview and see if you can see my comical mustache. it's faint, but you can see it on my upper lip. you also catch glimpses on my cheeks of the swirl part of the mustache. it sorta looks like shadows on both cheeks or maybe dimples. nice. i shaved a comical mustache purely for the fun of the draft, and end up in an interview. of course, i'm a camera whore so i jumped up to be interviewed. one of the last times i did a stupid mustache was for the rogue festival 2 years ago, same result, interviewed.

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