Wednesday, September 01, 2010

creative fresno september blender

i feel like i might be forgetting something. oh yeah, this is what it was:

creative fresno is having a blender this friday. the blenders have been a little hit or miss for me. i mean, sometimes i go, most of the time i don't. here's why: i end up talking to the same people, and it's mostly just my friends that i probably came with. what good is that? i can do that on my own over drinks, and not have potentially awkward conversations with strangers.

but i'm interested in this blender. why? well, i'm not exactly sure, but i think that creative fresno has been doing a lot of cool stuff lately. maybe i'm more aware of the org because of the kickstart campaign (see to the right - you can still donate) or maybe because i know a few more members, or maybe it's because of twitter. i dunno, but cf has been more...on my mind lately. not in a creepy way. so, when i saw they were having a blender @ the shepherd's inn, i thought, "why not?"

"September(Fun) + Great Conversation + You/Blender = Shepherd's Inn. This is Creative Fresno's equation for a kick-off a long weekend while enjoying the final days of summer at a downtown icon good time! Join us won't you?

Connect with artists, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals over a cocktail and complimentary appetizers. Great conversations and great fun!

The Blenders, which take place on the first Friday of the month, are Creative Fresno's social mixers of professionals, artists and entrepreneurs whose exchange of ideas are an effort to revitalize the urban life and landscape of the Fresno region.

When: Friday, September 3
Where: Shepherd's Inn - 935 Santa Fe Avenue
Time: 5 - 8 p.m."

and, if you go to the blender, you can join, or rejoin creative fresno. i use their website occassionally (rarely) but think i may actually re-up. i was a member years ago, but didn't see much benefit/reward to paying for membership over not paying for membership. this year, there is a lot more to membership. and, i'm sorta involved with their kickstarter campaign by giving and retweeting (and harassing the fuse fest & cf twitter accounts).

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