Monday, May 17, 2010

i'm on the list

somehow, sometime i got on a list. i can't say exactly what the list is, but it's the call me for surveys list. seriously, every so often, i'll get a random call to see if i'm willing to participate in a survey. some have been local, like the news, but others are national. i remember we even had one call during a podcast, and i was questioned about my thoughts on gay marriage.

i think once you answer one, you're flagged, and more will come. this really heats up during political seasons.

the other day, i was roused from a semi-nap stage to answer a few questions. i agreed because this wasn't just a phone survey. if i fit the right profile, they wanted me to come in for a focus group discussion. i became even more interested when they said that for the two hour experience i'd get $75. after all the questions, i seemed to be something that they wanted, something that fit their criteria. i was scheduled to go over tonight and share my thoughts on political candidates in california's gubernatorial race.

sadly, this morning i got the call. they had overbooked certain groups, and i was now expendable. oh well, i'm sure it won't be the last tie i get called.


Justin said...

I've always wondered how people get on those lists. Did they call on your cellphone or the house phone?

edluv said...

house phone. god lord, if they were calling on the cell i'd go ape crank on them.