Thursday, May 06, 2010

comment help?

sometimes i wonder about comments on blogs. i like comments, i leave comments, although i'm more inclined to comment on smaller blogs than on big mega blogs. anyway, a little while ago adam had a good(ish) dialog going on about comments on the bee's website. in that post, adam talked about how he liked the interaction and community that is created in the beehives comments, and i tend to agree.

but today, as i was reading a few posts, i got a bit annoyed. there are some commenters that repeatedly leave sexist, homophobic, or other comments that just aren't helpful to discussion. i know that all beehive comments must be approved, so they don't have to approve these comments. should they?

i know there are a-holes out there. i realize there are sexist people out there. but what are the contributing to the blog? why do someone have to come on to rebut their annoying, unneeded comments?


Adam said...

Oooh, which thread? I'm curious to see.

edluv said...

one was about elizabeth hasselbeck & erin andrews, and the other was about miley cyrus.

Adam said...

Yeah, I found the Erin Andrews one. I'll have to sound the depths of the Miley Cyrus one.