Wednesday, April 14, 2010

scallop lunch

i was at fresh and easy on monday doing some grocery shopping and i saw that they had a package of scallops on reduced price. you know, the whole sell by date thing. i enjoy eating scallops, but have never cooked them before and decided that this would be the time.

i had a few days to decide on a recipe, but also wanted to go with something somewhat basic to allow the scallops' own flavor to be dominant. i settled with salt & pepper sauteed in butter with a little bit of garlic.

scallops are surprisingly easy to cook. basically, you allow the butter to melt and and brown and then drop in the scallops. allow them to cook for two to three minutes, and then turn them over. cooks for another two to three minutes and your done.

the scallops turned out great. at that time they're a sort of medium done-ness and aren't rubbery or too stringy. and the simple seasoning worked out nicely.

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