Wednesday, August 24, 2016

fri poutine - a dinner review

we tried out FRI Poutinerie the other night before a movie.  shoot, we even chose to go the theater in clovis just to try this place out.  a couple of friends joined us, so we had several opinions of the place.

overall, everyone liked the food.  the fries were good, the gravy good, the curds good.  i had the smoked meat, and enjoyed it.  the service was decent, and the prices were fine.  i would go back and eat there again if i was in the area, but so far i'm not inspired to go out of my way for it.

things that could be a little better: 
- the amount of curds in an order compared to fries & gravy.  we had 2 of the regular size, 1 of the big size and the amount of curds varied among the 3 orders, and seemed lacking.
- drinks.  get some fountains.  bottled sodas and waters don't really cut it.
- food to table service - maybe it was just our guy working that night, but we were a party of 4, and they didn't remember who ordered what, and had one order wrong completely.  the place had a few other customers, but that shouldn't have overwhelmed anyone.

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