Thursday, April 24, 2014

richie's pizza & hot dogs

Had a slice of pepperoni & a Euro dog tonight for dinner.  Both were decent.  I felt that the slice was a good size, and I love folding a NY style slice and chomping away. I thought the flavor of it all worked well.  But shoot, it's a slice of pepperoni. Pretty hard to mess that up.

On to the dog: the Euro Dog is their all beef sausage, topped with sauerkraut and a spicy brown mustard.  I was pleasantly surprised by the spicy kick the sausage had.  I liked the mustard as well.  The sauerkraut wasn't my favorite, but it was okay.  I have to admit, boiled dogs aren't my preference, but it was still good.

The food didn't blow me or my wife away, but I would go back again. Also, I'm sure this would be some great eats late at night.  My only real complaint is that the prices seem a little high, but it's not insanely high.

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