Tuesday, June 05, 2012

the wire: the musical!

funny or die did something to help celebrate the 10 year anniversary of one of the best shows ever, the wire.  they made a musical parody trailer

i love that they got a lot of the original cast to show up in play parts.  of course, nothing would be possible without omar (michael kenneth williams aka bkbmg) starring in it.  this doesn't surprise me as he is a trained dancer & choreographer, but it's fun to see his talents showcased.

and yes, snoop's part is ridiculous, strange, but i like it.  i wonder how her legal issues are going?

since it's the 10 year anniversary of the wire, other things have been happening on the web around the show.  many of the actors are on twitter, and so they've been tweeting about the show. (i personally follow omar, bunk, bubbles. i've seen twitter for slim charles & a few others.)  there is also a massive project starting.  Peter Honig is doing a breakdown of the show, writing multiple in depth posts on each episode.  Great idea, although it seems way more to keep up with than i'm willing.

me, i've just been watching the show via hbogo while i hit the elliptical.  nothing says gritty baltimore drug deals more than me working out.  i started there, but have also been watching episodes at home. it's hard to not just burn through episode after episode like some sort of burner bought from bubble's shopping cart.

UPDATE: david simon, creator of the wire, has seen it and loves it.

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