Wednesday, March 07, 2012

victory vegas clutch cables suck


above my fingers you see a broken clutch cable. let me rephrase that, another broken clutch cable. i have a 2006 victory vegas. i love that bike. it's fun, i've put 20,000 + miles on it. what i don't love is that in the 5 years that i've had it, i've broken 3 clutch cables. w.t.f.? it's not like a ride the clutch or anything stupid like that. seriously, i use the clutch when shifting, and that's it. when i'm at stop lights, i sit in neutral. and yet, i have had three frickin cables brake. two have broken at the connection to the handle, and this one popped down by the transmission. this leads me to believe that their cables are crap. but what can i do? it's not like there are alternate cables i could use (there aren't). victory makes crap clutch cables. i won't even get into their cheap rear brakes they use.


Adam said...

I would think there's got to be a way to order a custom made cable from a decent manufacturer. After all it's just a steel cable of a specific length with a couple of connectors on either end, right?

edluv said...

you know, i'm sure i could find a specialty shop doing something, but shouldn't have to. yes, this is a high use part, and so some breakage will happen. but then again, this is clearly excessive amount of breakage for a bike that is only 6 yrs old.

the shop was telling me that they had another guy in at the same time for the same repair, although i think his bike was a year newer. he's also on his 3rd cable change. this seems like a bigger problem that the company needs to address.

Adam said...

Have you checked to see if there is a recall or anything?

Anonymous said...

All Victory models of the 2006 era have this same problem. I have checked with several Victory Dealerships, and no one can tell me of a fix. I have a '06 Hammer and I have had to replace the clutch cable five times now. I will give you a good back up. Look up on the internet and find out who sells a product called Sav-Ur-Ride. It is an emergency cable that can be installed roadside in about 30 minutes. They claim that you can just use the cable, but I have always taken it back off when I have gotten a new cable.
Barrnett is suppose to make a superior cable, but I have not had much luck with them either. I believe that there is a design flaw, of some kind.

Singh said...

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