Saturday, November 12, 2011

no meat november

so, i haven't eaten meat in a little over a week.  it hasn't been difficult.  i mean, it's not like i was addicted to meat or anything.

there have been a few little snags. i knew that i was eating a bunch of fast food, but i didn't quite think about how frequently, and convenient, it was.  eating is requiring a little bit more planning.

another issue is that there is meat in a lot of things that i didn't think about.  we went out for thai food the other day. i knew i'd be okay on my meal because they have tofu as an option.  we ordered an appetizer, the money bags, which are these little delicious little fried deals. i knew they had potato and peas in them, but didn't know they also had chicken in them.  damn, those were out.

for some reason, i really want tacos.  this is a little odd to me, because it's not like i eat tacos regularly.  but i really want to have some asada tacos right now.  and , it seems like i notice taquerias more.

i have discovered some nice vegetarian options. for instance, bobby salazar's has a nice veggie burrito.  i think i prefer thai food without the chicken, shrimp or beef.

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