Saturday, April 16, 2011

jackets in the summer

it's spring (right?) and summer is around the corner. today in fresno it's 77 degrees. so what am i thinking about? jackets.

frankly, i love getting jackets in the wrong season, and i've got my eyes locked on two different adidas coats.

this first jacket is the adidas duffel coat. it's nice, and would work well in the cold and rain.

this second coat is quite the catch. it's a part of the adidas vespa line. i've got two pairs of the shoes, and this coat is downright sexy. it reminds me of a peacoat in style. not quite sold on the big zippers, but really like that dark blue w/orange accents. quite fpu, and i could imagine standing out @ some early season track meets in this beauty.


Justin said...

I like them both. I would prefer the Vespa jacket if it didn't have the logos.

I've been dreaming about a couple jackets as well. I figure the end of cold weather is the best time to buy them. then you have something to look forward to when the rain returns.

edluv said...

yeah, i'm leaning towards the black one. it's got a clean look, and is less expensive. seriously, that vespa coat is almost $300!