Wednesday, March 09, 2011

mardi gras 2011 recap

dude, yesterday was mardi gras. i went and...watched tv. seriously, this was the first year in forever that i didn't go out for mardi gras. not at all. admittedly, there were many circumstances in the decision to stay home and go to sleep before midnight, including, but not limited to:
1. allergies. i was super stuffed up yesterday at points, and then sloppy runny nose at others. and sneezing.
2. tired of the "rookies". for real, these public drinking holidays (mardi gras, st. paddys, cinco de mayo, thanksgiving) sorta suck now. maybe they always sucked, but it just seems like every bar is super jammed up with knuckleheads ordering bud lights and tequila shots. i'm not trying to stand in line for 15 minutes for overpriced, small, plastic cups, all the while seeing skanks and knuckleheads eyeball me like they want to fight.
3. the scene isn't as good any more. this isn't me being an elitist, it was better in my day type. all i know is that the environment used to be a little more loose, you could walk around a little freer, even though there was always a heavy police presence. through problems and their "solutions," the tower mardi gras has become pretty restricted, which has made reason #2 a bit worse. so, if the spot you're at isn't that good, you're sort of stuck. but, kudos to many local establishments trying to make the spots nice (landmark had viper city brass, audie's had dj bradley + others, etc).
4. i'm older, even if i'm not wiser. hey, it happens. and it seemed like a lot of my friends were on the same page last night. chillin instead of being out there at the celebration.

will i go out next year? who knows? will i go out on st. paddy's? we'll see next week.

in the meantime, click on over to my coworker al's blog, and read a little piece that he wrote about women's history month and gender equality.

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