Thursday, December 23, 2010

true grit review

tonight, we went and saw true grit. and, i've got more to say then in my last review, mainly because i was blown away by black swan, and true grit...well, didn't have the same effect.

overall, i enjoyed the movie. i think the actors all do a fine job, and i liked matt damon's quirkiness. and, some of the bit characters, the background people were really intriguing to me. the movie is also beautifully shot, although the snow seemed very cgi to me, and it bugged me.

two things surprised me: 1. josh brolin is in the movie a lot less than i expected. i haven't seen the original, so i didn't know how big or little that role is. the billing and commercials made me think it was a bigger role than it was. this isn't a bad or good thing, just and observation.
2. for being a coen brothers film, this was a pretty straight take. yes, there are a few strange bits, but overall it was pretty much a normal movie. i'm fine with them breaking their mold, but i guess i just expected something more dark or bizarre from them.

again, overall i think the movie was good and you should see it. you could probably wait for video if you're inclined.


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edluv said...

so, the previous commenter just cut & pasted my blog onto his/her blog, and although they have the blog address, the posting says by them. borderline plagiarism of my work, which does bug me, especially since they cut & pasted my stuff w/o asking. i left a comment essentially asking them to either change how they have it posted so that it is clear that they didn't create the content or remove. they haven't posted the comment, or made any change to their posting. grr.

Curmudgeon said...

You probably weren't the only one to complain, their site now reads:

" is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service."