Wednesday, October 13, 2010

thanks clawson & redline

if you've ever read this blog, you should know that i really like to shop local when i'm able. today, i needed to get some things done, and it really paid off, in my opinion, that these were local shops.

first up was clawson motor sports. a while back they became the licensed victory dealer & service department for the area. i was happy about this because the previous one was down in fowler, and if i could avoid driving a bit of distance to get service done on my bike, great. and, clawson is right around the corner from one of my jobs so it usually makes it easy for me to get it over there. anyway, last week my headlight was having issues. it turned out that one of the two bulbs, the high beam one, was dead and if you tried to use it the fuse would blow. this would mean no headlight at all, which is illegal. i generally run with the high on for more visibility on my bike, but was fine running with just the regular until i could the other fixed. but, i didn't know why the light was out, and i didn't realize it was a blown fuze due to the other bulb. i took the bike into clawson, but unfortunately they didn't have the bulb in. they didn't know that at first, and had the bike in for a while which caused me a labor charge. anyway, they ordered the new bulb, which came in yesterday, and so today i went by with the bike to get the bulb changed. i'd already paid for the bulb, but i knew i'd be paying a little more labor for the install. i waited as the work was done, and when the finished, the service rep comped it. when they said it was zero i was a bit confused, because i was counting on the labor charge. the rep nicely explained that it wasn't my fault they didn't have the bulb in the other day, i paid for labor then, so she didn't think it was fair/right for me to pay the labor again. super nice! i already planned on bringing the bike back there for future service, but this really seals the deal.

after clawson, i figured i would run one more stop before home. the other day i lost a little ball that goes on my earrings, basically locking it on my ear. i hit it while taking off my helmet, so i wanted to replace it. i had originally bought these rings at redline tattoo and piercing, so i figured they would have the replacement ball i needed.

anyway, i arrived at the shop, and they were hanging out, talking and waiting for customers like often seems to be the case at tattoo shops. i explained what happened, and the owner (i'm assuming) told the piercing guy to just comp me a replacement. sweet. the piercing guy searched for the right sized ball, and not only gave me one that he thought was the right size, he also gave me two others that were a little bigger and may stay on better. free. since i was planning to pay for the part, i gladly accepted them for free, and tipped the guy a few bucks out of thanks. that made him happy.

all in all it was a great afternoon. now, i'll get ready for my next local experience over at...the local. that's right, it's almost time for pub quiz at landmark tonight.

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m.wise said...

nice. that winning smile of yours paid off twice today.